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In its bid to promote and produce sufficient teacher manpower that would satisfy teachers requirements, the Edo state government has pleaded with National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) to consider a model on teacher development that would decentralize the state college of education into about 5 campuses with each focusing on different segment of basic education. Edo state governor, Godwin N. Obaseki made the plea in a closed door meeting with the Executive Secretary (NCCE) Prof. Bappa Aliyu Muhammadu held at the Edo State Governor's lodge on the 4th of May, 201.9.

The meeting which was gathered is aimed at promoting teacher education towards improving standard of Basic Education in Edo state. Governor Obaseki sought NCCE assistance for a proper upliftment of teacher education thereby expresses the state readiness and commitment on effective continuation of teacher development. Obaseki meanwhile assured the Executive Secretary NCCE of Edo state SUBEB Chairperson's participation in the forthcoming review workshop at Alvan-Ikoku slated for June 2019. In his remark, the Executive Secretary NCCE thanked the Governor for his audience and obliged that the Commission would always support every effort towards improving quality teacher production in Nigeria. The Executive Secretary however lauds the Governor's show of interest to attend the forthcoming review workshop, adding that with the Governor's participation in the event, it will add consequential value to the Commissions drive in coming out with a workable NCE Minimum Standard for Nigerian Education sector.

Posted on the 15th of June, 2019 by 9:20AM

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