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Functions of the department include:

  1. Inquiring into and advising the Federal Government on the financial needs of the Colleges.
  2. Receiving block grants from Government and allocating same to the Colleges based on approved parameters.
  3. Keeping the books and account of the Commission.
  4. Organising annual budget hearings of Federal Colleges of Education to determine the financial needs of both recurrent and capital nature of each college.
  5. Collating the various estimates of the Federal Colleges of Education and submitting same to the Federal Government through the Federal Ministry of Finance and Economic Development for recurrent grant and the National Planning Commission for capital grant.
  6. Preparing the Secretariat’s annual financial operating system
  7. Defending the Secretariat’s budget and that of the Colleges at the various levels of defense with the Federal Government.
  8. Management of the Commission’s funds in accordance with decree (now act) No. 3 of 1989 as amended.
  9. Preparation of financial accounts of the commission and causing same to be audited annually, and
  10. Handling pension accounting.

Units in the department

Fund Management and Control
Budget and Colleges Accounts
Financial Accounts

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