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Executive Secretary's Office

The Executive Secretary’s Office remains the revolving nucleus for the operation of the NCCE. It comprises specialized Units like the Internal Audit, Legal Services, Public Relations and General Administrative pool of support staff. The scope of the specialized Units are not limited to operations within the Office but also cover the entire NCCE Departments and the Colleges of Education in image projection, legal advice, financial/ accounting and professional guides.

Units in the department

General Administration Unit:
Duties of the unit include:

  1. Daily office and personnel resources, administrative support to the Executive Secretary
  2. Preparation of memoranda, letters, briefs, reports and short speeches
  3. Collection, documentation and dispatch of data / report.
  4. Inter-departmental liaison.
  5. Provision of Secretarial/ Clerical Duties.
  6. Representation of the office on the Commissions ad-hoc and standing Committees.
  7. Collating reports from officers who represent the commission on Colleges Governing Councils, etc.

Legal Services Unit: services offered by the unit cut across the Commission and the Colleges, namely:

  1. General Legal advisory services.
  2. Vetting/ preparation of agreements.
  3. Secretarial services on Housing matters
  4. Handling litigation issues, etc.

Public Relations Unit: functions of the unit include:

  1. Organization of periodic press conferences.
  2. Involvement in Commission’s annual national conferences.
  3. News coverage of activities with the Commission and Colleges.
  4. Daily monitoring of press reports on NCCE/ Colleges.

Internal Audit Unit: This is a continuous, independent management control and appraisal unit with the following broad functions:

  1. Pre-payment auditing
  2. Verification of prices
  3. Post-payment auditing
  4. Surprise checks on Commission’s stores
  5. Routine checks on College accounting systems.

Women Affairs Unit: the functions of this unit include, amongst others, the following:

  1. Conducting research into gender issues
  2. Administrative matters on gender issues
  3. Organization of conferences on gender issues
  4. Liaising on issues of women in Colleges of Education

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